STEM and Pollution 🌍💨

Integrating STEM into education is crucial for fostering innovation and problem-solving skills. By teaching students about science, technology, engineering, and maths, and also combine these subjects within lessons, we empower them to tackle complex issues like pollution head-on. Through STEM education, we can inspire the next generation of innovators to develop sustainable solutions for a cleaner, healthier planet.

STEM and Recycling: A Perfect Pair 🌱🔬

In the realm of sustainability, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields play a vital role in shaping our approach towards recycling. From developing innovative materials to designing efficient waste management systems, STEM disciplines offer solutions that pave the way towards a greener, cleaner future.

Education in STEM fosters a mindset of curiosity, problem-solving, and critical thinking, essential traits for addressing complex environmental challenges like recycling. By inspiring future generations to pursue STEM fields, we empower them to become the innovators and changemakers driving environmental sustainability forward.

STEM Feed on TikTok 🥳

The short video platform TikTok has introduced a STEM feed with videos on various topics from the STEM fields. The platform wants to improve its image and also show educational videos.

If you are registered on the platform, why not check it out?

🔜 Learning Videos

🎥The learning videos for the LearnSTEM Online Learning Environment are in their final cuts. The partners have created learning videos within the topics of Recycling, Pollution, Nature and Climate. The videos include most important information, experiments and tasks. Stay tuned for the results and watch the videos yourself!🎬

TPM3 in Kavala, Greece ☀️

The 3rd Transnational Partner Meeting took place on the 1st of February in Kavala, Greece. IEK Kavalas hosted this meeting and endeavoured to make the meeting a success.

The partners had a lot to talk about the LearnSTEM pedagogical model as well as the Teacher Training Programme. Fruitful discussions were held so that the project can enter the next phase.

STEM and Christmas !?

Yes, the two go well together!

There are lots of little experiments lurking in the Christmas season that you can easily try out at home. You have practically everything you need within your own four walls and can use every day to carry out exciting experiments and inspire your family and flatmates. Simply check out the following website – have fun trying out and discovering!

Link to website:

The LearnSTEM team wishes you a happy festive season! WeihnachtsbaumSnow BuddieKerze

Women in STEM

Women still play a subordinate role in STEM subjects, as STEM fields are dominated by men. That is why early promotion in school is needed!
Girls should be made aware of the STEM subjects, their exciting contents and future topics.
Today, more and more companies are also advertising a woman- and family-friendly working environment in order to attract more women to this industry.

Explanatory Videos in Secondary Schools

Explanatory videos are transforming the landscape of secondary education. These engaging visual aids offer students a dynamic way to grasp complex concepts, making learning more accessible and enjoyable. In a world filled with digital media, these videos are the perfect tool to capture students‘ attention and promote active learning. Whether it’s minimize complicated scientific processes or unraveling historical events, explanatory videos empower educators to deliver content effectively. They also encourage students to explore topics independently, fostering critical thinking. As secondary schools continue to adapt to modern pedagogy, integrating explanatory videos is a forward-thinking approach that enhances both teaching and learning and is therefore part of the Pedagogical Model of LearnSTEM.